Martin Fraser


What is Counselling ? 

Counselling is support in exploring strategies to deal with situations or life experiences that are too big to manage alone.  In counselling you can grow in independence and confidence.

As we become more confident and independent our comfort zone will stretch and we become more resilient and resourceful.

As we become more resilient and resourceful we usually become a lot happier and healthy as well.

Counsellors sometimes give advice but mostly we help you to....................

  • Believe in change. ( that change is possible)
  • Explore options around change. (there are always options)
  • Prioritise changes. (which are the wisest to start with)
  • Plan and strategise change (change happens much quicker if you have a plan)
  • Motivate changes (with motivational interviewing, celebrating progress, learning from mis steps) 
  • Maintain your positive changes. (by reminding you of how you did it)